wooden oarsA wonderful selection of vintage upcycled wooden oars and kayak paddles in various styles and sizes.

Ideal as wall decorations in an outdoor centre, seaside cafe, hotel, restaurant or bar.  The oars would also look great at home in a kitchen, living room or hallway – stand them in the corner of a room, or hang above a doorway.

We have a limited number of double ended kayak paddles and single, non-matching oars available, as well as a variety of paired oars.

The kayak paddles are priced at £150.00 each, single non-matching oars at £95.00 each, and pairs of wooden oars at £185.00 per pair.

If you would like any more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please see below for stock codes and dimensions:

02801 – Small oars ’52’ print (pair) – Length:48″- Now Sold
02798 – Small oars ‘Lapon’ print (pair) – Length:55″
02794 – Long oars ‘3W’ print (pair) – Length:76.5″- Now Sold
02799 – Long oars ‘C7’ print (pair) – Length:82″- Now Sold
02797 – Long oars ‘143’ print (pair) – Length:87″
02804 – Double ended paddle ’25’ print (single) – Length:89.5″
02803 – Double ended paddle ‘Drake’ print (single) – Length:93.5″- Now Sold
02800 – Long oars ‘D9’ print (pair) – Length:90″
02802 – Long oars ‘5’ print (pair) – Length:76.5″- Now Sold
02796 – Long oars ‘C63’ print (pair) – Length:77.5″- Now Sold
02808 – Oar with rose copper strip (single) – Length:77.5″- Now Sold
02806 – Oar ‘Varner’ print (single) – Length: 66″- Now Sold
02807 – Oar ’67’ print (single) – Length:60.5″ – Now Sold
02795 – Small oars ‘H&R’ print (pair) – Length:60″- Now Sold

Boating oars and paddles details:


Item size, price and delivery details


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Stock numberHeightWidthDepthPriceDelivery
02794 to 02802 Pairs of OarsSee description--£185.00£45.00
02803 & 02804 Kayak PaddlesSee description--£150.00£45.00
02806 to 02808 Single OarsSee description--£95.00£45.00

Please note:
Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise stated.
Delivery charge applies to England and Wales. For deliveries outside of this area please contact us for a quote.