The Antique Dining Table

The antique dining table is the main gathering place in your home. It is where family and friends come together to eat, laugh, talk, and enjoy each other’s company.

The trestle table dates back to medieval times and is one of the earliest surviving type of dining table. Its top was made of long wooden planks that rested on trestles and could be dismantled and moved to make room for other activities. By the mid 16th century the refectory table evolved. It is a more permanent table hand crafted out of oak or walnut. An elongated table that became popular all over Europe. The pedestal table was developed early in the 18th century. It is typically round, but may be square or oval and is distinguished by a single, central column or cylinder shaped support. The antique or reproduction dining table is not simply a piece of furniture. It touches our lives and we become a chapter in its long enduring history. We are its keeper to preserve and treasure it. Then we pass it along for the next chapter to be written.

A bespoke table can be made any size to fit any dining room or kitchen in many types of wood including oak, pine, cherry etc., The ‘Antique of the future’

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